​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk Coun​ty

a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples

 Letter from our President

Letter from our Vice President

It’s back to school time! Another Summer has come and gone and here we are again! I’m in denial that my girls are on their way to 3rd grade. I feel like they are no longer little ones. I don’t know when this change happened, but it’s here. I’m on my way back into the classroom again as well. I’m sad to see the time go, but happy to settle back into a routine.
The club is officially off and running with Convention planning. “24,000 is 2024” is what we’re aiming for. I know it seems like a lot…but I have faith that it will all come together. Thank you to all the Moms who volunteered to help with the planning. Remember that it is also dues renewal time. Please make sure that you renew before the Sept. meeting. This is always bittersweet as we say goodbye to some, but I’m always happy to see the ladies back for another year. Please check the facebook page as well as we are always adding new events and information.
I’m wishing you all a wonderful start to the 2022 school year. To all those with babies heading to kindergarten for the first time…dry those tears; your kids are going to do great! 
Wishing you all the best,



Hi Ladies!

Is it really September already?  While fall is my favorite season, I’m not quite ready for a pumpkin latte yet.  My twins will be starting 8th grade which is mind-blowing!  They’re a bit nervous but excited at the same time to be the “older kids on campus.”  We have many twins in this club starting kindergarten this year. I want to wish them and all the other kids returning to school a wonderful school year (along with their mommies!!)  Also lots of luck to all the twins and siblings going to college.
As you know, it’s membership renewal time.  Thank you to those members who renewed already, I know it helps out our Marvelous Membership Moms.  This year we are looking to add some special touches to our meetings and newsletters.  One incentive is a FREE MEMBERSHIP!! There are three easy ways you can get free membership:
1. Be a past president in good standing
2. Be a member in good standing for 10+ years (Honorary status)
3. Attend meetings
That’s right! For each meeting you attend, your name will be put on a wheel.  At the end of the club year, we will spin the wheel and one lucky member will receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP for the following year.  The more you attend, the more chances you have!  I look forward to seeing you all very soon and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.