​​​​​​​Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk Coun​ty

a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples

Happy New Year MoMs!

Well, Kinda! Happy New Club year to all me fellow survivors! I hope this letter finds you all well rested and hope that you have had some time to relax this summer. This summer we have been relaxing and taking a few family trips. We are also on a hunt for a new travel trailer and haven't quite found one that suits our needs. Hopefully soon! I want to welcome everyone back and remind you to renew your membership, fill out the new survey and pay those dues.

The social teams have been hard at work planning exciting activities for this year. Remember, our best advertisement is our members, spread the word about us. We have new business cards with little cutie pies on them, make sure to pick a bunch up at the next meeting to hand out to that desperate mom at the playground; Remember you were lost and lonely at one time too! This year we are also starting a new initiative. We will be having donation drives for those less fortunate. It will start in August and September with a school supply drive and hopefully continue throughout the year with a different need each month. If you know of an organization with a specific supply need, please let me know so that I can add it to the list.

Enjoy the time with your kids, soon they will all be back in school and you will be wishing for schedule free days!

Vice President

Letter from our Vice President

Hi Ladies!
I am hoping that all of you had a great summer!   Our summer was busy with the construction on the house and I’m happy to say it’s all done – just need to organize everything.  While I wish it was done sooner, at least it’s done before school started J  The boys are in 4th Grade now, I can’t believe they turned 9 over the summer…it seems just like they were babies! For those who have school-age kids, I hope school is off to a great start! 
It’s the start of the new club year which means it’s time to pay dues :)  Janine and Kristen have a new form for everyone to fill out.  There is information on there that you have not had to fill out before so it is important for all of you to complete it.  The link is on our Facebook page. 
There has been quite a lot of activities that were held over the summer and coming up over the next few months.  It has been really great to see everyone participating in these activities and I hope that everyone gets a chance to go to some (if not all) the upcoming activities.  Thank you to all of you who have planned and/or opened up your home for these activities!
See you at the meeting!!
Susie Smith


 Letter from our President