​​​​​​​Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk Coun​ty

a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples

Letter from our Vice President

 Letter from our President

Hi Ladies!
Winter is almost over and Spring is around the corner!  I am not a fan of the cold weather so I’m looking forward to the warmer weather.  But….the one thing that I don’t look forward to when Spring rolls around it the sneezing from spring allergies.  Christopher is allergic to tree pollen, so the whole spring is misery for him….but I’m starting to medicate him before it becomes really bad.  Thank goodness for allergy meds!
As I mentioned at February’s meeting - it’s time of year to start thinking about next club year’s officers.  All positions – President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary are open if anyone is interested.  If anyone would like to run for these positions or nominate anyone for these positions, please let the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Kristen Pace know in writing.  All nominations must be turned in by the March General Meeting.
We talked at the board meeting about not scheduling workshops each month so we have a little more time for discussions or just hanging out and getting to know people.  While we will have Amy doing Reiki at March’s meeting, April’s meeting will have no speaker and we will have an open discussion.  There is always time for open discussion at every meeting, but will we dedicate more time when there is no speaker for the month.  As always, please feel free to come with any questions or concerns at any meeting. 
This year our club is celebrating 60 years!  60 years of helping MoM’s and building relationships all over Suffolk.  Everyone by now should have received their 60th Anniversary celebration we are having in place of our annual Fran Sawicki Fundraiser this year.  If not, please let Ericka know.  This celebration will give us an opportunity to celebrate how much this club has done for all of us – building friendships, surviving each age phase of our twins, and overall surviving raising our children!  I hope that everyone can make it to celebrate US!!
Hope to see everyone at the meeting!
Susie Smith


Slainté MoMs!
 That means “To your health” in Gaelic. And what a wonderful time to celebrate but with Reiki at our next meeting. I am very excited to reach into my chakras and get them shaking (I joke because I’m not really sure what one does with ones chakras) I am sitting here waiting for our new puppy to finish eating so I can take her out for the 47th time today. Training the dog has literally been harder than training the twins! Her name is Bailey (as in Irish Cream) and she’s a golden retriever. She has such a good demeanor and has really been such a wonderful addition to our family. (I’m pretty sure my husband got me the dog so I’d stop talking about having more children!)
I can not wait for Spring to come! We have so many exciting activities coming up for the kiddies. Thank you to the children’s social team for planning so many opportunities for the kids (and moms) to get together and socialize. I am also excited for all the adult activities coming up, specifically BUNCO and the 60th anniversary party. Both will be so much fun for everyone. If you need tickets to the 60th, please see Lesley.
The Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk County is a support group. Our meeting in April we will have the opportunity to break into groups to discuss what we’re going through right now in our children’s stages of development. If there is a specific topic you would like to discuss, please see Diana or myself. Remember that our Facebook page is a safe place to ask questions. Sometimes we need to discuss things that we don’t feel comfortable discussing with our family and other friends. Sometimes we may want to discuss things that don’t have to do with the kids but with our spouses. Anything is open at any meeting. If you would like to discuss something anonymously, just slide one of us a note, and we can bring it up for discussion. We are your family, we love you, and will support you, no matter what you need. This is a safe place for you. We are your safe haven.
 Have a wonderful month ladies,
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Vice President