​​​​​​​Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk Coun​ty

a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples

Happy Holidays to all my favorite MoMs!
I want to thank everyone who came to the November vendor event and made it a success.  Hopefully next year we can make it even better!
Please take time to read through the newsletter this month, since this is a double issue, there is a lot of information about upcoming things and many great opportunities for all our moms to get together.
I would like to welcome the new members.  I hope you get as much out of this club/support group as I did.  This is a safe place to share your TMI stories that we all understand. Our best advertisement is word of mouth.  We always have business cards at the meetings.  Take a few and pass it to the struggling mom in Target, or the one who looks overwhelmed at the merry-go-round in the mall.  You just might be the saving grace she is looking for.
I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.  I hope this season of cheer brings you much joy and happiness.  I hope your hearts are as big as your generosity.

Vice President

Letter from our Vice President

Hi Ladies,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was nice, but there is always so much leftover, we are eating it for days!! 
The holidays are here are there are some exciting things planned – our holiday plants are really beautiful this year.  Thanks to Trisha and Ericka for coordinating it this year.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the holiday dinner this week – it should be a great time.  Our Kids social is on Dec 16th – the boys are looking forward to the show :)  We have a paint night planned for January’s meeting too! 
Just a reminder that this is a double issue and that there will not be another one until February.  Please take the time to read the newsletters each month as Daniela works really hard to get this out to everyone with all the information you need.  Our website (www.suffolktwins.org) also has a lot of information such as a calendar of events, forms, member listing, etc. that you can refer too.  A lot of the posts on Facebook about events and such can easily be found by checking the newsletter or the website.
I want to wish everyone a great holiday season and Happy New Year!!
Hope to see everyone at the dinner!
Susie Smith


 Letter from our President