Welcome back ladies…and Happy New Year!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Summer! Since this isn’t a “traditional” summer, my girls and I have been spending a lot of time in our pool. I’ve also made it my goal this summer to show them some of the great movie classics! So far Friday night popcorn and a movie has been a huge success!
Last week I met with the audit committee. Although it was a loooong night, it was so nice to sit with the ladies! We worked, we laughed and we ate. It was so nice to feel somewhat normal in this very abnormal world. As I am still waiting to see what September is going to look like for my own 1st graders (that just blows my mind!) and my own classroom, I am doing what I can to manage the anxiety of it all. I’m really hoping the return to normal is on its way! 
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our August meeting. I’ve missed the conversation and the laughs that come with our meetings. Don’t forget to bring your chairs and smiles! 
I hope all is well. Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer!

Vice President

Letter from our Vice President

 Letter from our President

Happy Summer Ladies!!
I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  My boys turned 11 at the end of July - ELEVEN!!!  I am not sure where the time went and how they turned 11 so quickly!  Those with littles...enjoy each moment because the next thing you know you will be saying the same things I am about them growing so fast!
The Smith House has been laying low at home this summer so far and it’s been nice.  I have gone in our pool more this year than probably the last three years combined...lol.  We are still doing movie night each night….we have been through all the Pixar movies, the Rocky series, Marvel series, and the Harry Potter series.  We are now working our way through all the Disney movies...starting with Snow White - there’s a lot to get through, but there’s plenty of time to do it :)
August marks the first month of the new club year….which means club dues are due.  Please be sure to read Membership’s information in this newsletter this month regarding dues.  
For August’s General Meeting, we are going to have an “in-person” socially distant meeting in the Rec Center parking lot.  I’m hoping that this will give everyone a chance to see each other and give us a break from Zoom :)  Be sure to come with your own snack, mask, chair, beverage and bug spray :)  We will be voting on the budget for this year, so please be sure to come.  I’m looking forward to actually seeing everyone in person and to get out of the house for a little while for something other than food shopping or work :)  
Everyone please stay safe out there!!!  
See you all at the meeting!!

Susie Smith


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