Hello Ladies,
This has been a busy month for the club. I wanted to thank the Nominating Committee for going above and beyond on their job this year. It’s exciting that we have many people who are stepping up to take positions this year. I’m really looking forward to what is coming in 2021!
Last week I went to Hammer and Stain with a bunch of the Twin Moms. We had such a great time. The best part was the laughter! Hearing everyone laugh and seeing everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves was truly the highlight of the night. I’ve said this 1000x, but I didn’t realize how much I
relied on “girl” time with my fellow moms. I CANNOT wait for our “Staycation” for convention this year. I’m so looking forward to mom time!!!
I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who called, text, and sent FB messages to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was a great month celebrating #43 for me (ouch) and #7 for the girls. My family had an amazing time at Rocking Horse Ranch. It was just what we all needed.

Vice President

Letter from our Vice President

Hi Ladies!!
Spring is here!!  No more snow!! The most exciting part of Spring for me is that now it’s lighter later and I actually get to get home from work while the sun is still out!!  It’s also great to see all the flowers blooming...although some allergy sufferers might disagree :) 
Thank you to the Nominating Committee for the hard work to come up with a slate of nominees for Officers. It will be nice to be able to hold an election again since we did not have one last year.  How we will be doing it...we are still working on since we are not meeting in-person, but we’ll keep everyone posted.  
Moms Night In was a hit!  Thank you to Crystal and Nicole for coordinating this night and welcome to all of the new members that have joined after hanging out with us for the night!!  We’ll be doing another one soon so please try to join in on the fun!
There are some exciting events coming up, so please check them out in the events section on the Facebook page.  Thank you to both the Adult and Childrens Socials for coordinating some great outdoor events!
The Rec Center is still not letting us hold meetings there per the Town/State rules.  Until we can figure out where/when it’s safe to hold meetings in-person, we’ll continue to hold the meetings on Zoom.  As a reminder, these meetings count toward attendance, so please try to login to a meeting. 
Hope to see you all at the meeting!

Susie Smith


 Letter from our President

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