​​​​​​​Mothers of Twins Club of Suffolk Coun​ty

a support group for parents of twins and higher order multiples

 Letter from our President

Happy Holidays to all my wonderful friends!
The upcoming holidays always seem to fly by with all the hustle and bustle and the season. Decorating, cleaning, cooking, baking, shopping, sending cards, putting up the lights, getting the perfect pictures, keeping up with the elf ( we don’t do the elf thing, but that’s a whole other topic) on top of the normal everyday chaos that is our lives. It all seems overwhelming at times. 
My wish for you all is to stop, and enjoy the wonderment that is your children. Watch the holiday through their eyes. Try to enjoy as much as you can. Compartmentalize so that things don’t get to be too much. And if you start to get really overwhelmed, be sure to know it’s okay to say “no!” You can only do so much, and you are not doing anyone favors if you shut down. Try to remember the reason for the season, the time to enjoy your family and friends. 
I look forward to spending some quality time with my friends at our annual holiday dinner. This is one of my favorite meetings that we have. To enjoy myself over a nice meal with really great laughs. 
I want to thank everyone for all of your generous donations every month. We are still collecting food and gently used coats through the end of January. Every organization that receives our donations are so thankful. It such a beautiful thing that we are doing. 
I want to wish every one of you a beautiful holiday and a healthy and blessed new year. Enjoy this time with your families. 

Vice President

Letter from our Vice President

Hi Ladies!
Thanksgiving is over (whew!)…we didn’t have a lot of leftovers this year, so I’m happy about that.  It was nice to be able spend time with family and have a great day.  I’m thankful for my family (even though they drive me crazy sometimes), but I’m thankful to have all of you lovely ladies in my life.  Being a part of this club has really helped me get through a lot of pretty rough times in my life and I’m grateful to all of you!! 
Thank you to everyone who ordered holiday plants – everyone who I have spoken to who ordered loves their items.  I know I enjoy smelling my wreath when I walk into the house every day from work :)
Our Holiday Dinner is next week!  It looks like it’s going to be a great turnout!  Speaking of great turnouts, Friendsgiving last week at Rudi’s was great!  It was so nice to be able to hang out and chat!
Just a reminder that this is a double issue and that there will not be another one until February.  Please take the time to read the newsletters each month.  Daniela works really hard to get this out to everyone with all the information you need – thank you Daniela!  Don’t forget we have our website too (www.suffolktwins.org) that also has a lot of information such as a calendar of events, forms, member listing, etc that you can refer too.  A lot of the posts on Facebook about events and such can easily be found by checking the newsletter or the website.
I want to wish everyone a great holiday season and Happy New Year!!
Hope to see everyone at the dinner!
Susie Smith